Lindze (lindze) wrote in genkigang,

Genkigang info

Hey guys! I know i never post here, which has been painfully apparant by the fact that we've had this place hijacked by asswipes posting bullshit.
SO! Just so you know, i made this forum members only and to join, I have to approve it first. This is just to avoid trolls joining and doing that stuff again. For right now, also, if you post i have to approve it first before it goes up. i wont keep it like this, just untill this crap blows over.
then i will make it be members only free posting.

ALSO, for some reason i cant turn on the 'email me replies" option on the moderator control, so i dont know when people reply, so forgive me if i dont respond!
Im going to add this to my friends list that i read again, so i can moderate it better though.
sorry ive been a slack ass. i kinda forgot about this journal. >_<

lub ya'll! <3
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