The Sniper in Drag (phasmaphobic) wrote in genkigang,
The Sniper in Drag

Hey Lindze!

Hey, I'm Nathan - I met you through Allison at one of the Free Beer gatherings a while ago. I guess this is the correct way to get some info... I'm looking to commission two of your adorable hats for my fiancee (velvetpanther) as christmas gifts. I'm thinking a Jack Skellington one and a Pookha one, if you're up to it.

I remember checking out your website before, but my browser is having issues at the moment and I can't.

I'm not in any big hurry, but I know she'd love the hats and they'd make the perfect accessory for her eclectic wardrobe.

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wow im really late on this, since i havent been moderating it due to a bunch of problems.
if you still want hats for THIS year, lol email me at

sorry about that!