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I had to share this amazing fan art someone sent me today! Its so awesome!!


i plan to use it somewhere on the new site....i just HAVE to!

on a side note, is there anything anyone wants to see on my new site that they dont like about the old? it will still be flash, but with some minor differences. id love to hear opinions!
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That is some awesome art!!

It matches yer site YAY!

Deleted comment

Hey, i think i've seen that guy's art in NewType of the better ads i think...

It's so funny that some of the girls share their hats expressions...but then again, your choice of Genki hat is like a LJ personality test of it's own.

And personally, that Fish hat girl is rockin'. >:P
Haha! what a cool picture! :)
That is awesome. Definitely needs to go on your site ^^
So will you have Crookshanks and/or Sirius hats at Otakon, and how much do they go for? I'm thinking I'd like to have one, so I guess I'll try to find you Friday and see them, if that's ok.
I ADORE the art!
I'm buying a hat in september! And maybe a scarf too! THat's when all my finacial aid kicks in. ^_^
*i* wants to make a fan art too! :*(