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new face on the ol LJ!

hey guys!
just letting you know, thanks to the lovley emuko, this journal is now for updates/info about the wonderiffical hat and prop site!
no more posts about cons, but your still welcome to post about any sort of genki related things youd like to share! just keep it clean ^_~
i hope this is better than me writing all about hats on my regular LJ and it will expand out to others, not on the usual list.
if any of you have an idea/suggestion/comment about just let me know!
and keep your eye out for a new site, coming out soon, thanks to the talented brad merritt, that will feature credit card sales on it! woohoo!
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You could also use this community as a status update page for certain orders.
smart idea!
first, i need to figure out why it wont let me post AS genkigang, and only lindze, tho......grrrr
and twink, if you helped me design a LJ page ill pay you in love and the missing link book!
Dude, I'm totally up for it. :) Tell me how you want the theme (to match the new/old site) and I can do it. I've also finished your personal journal layout; nothing fancy but it's done.