Auturgist (auturgist) wrote in genkigang,

Katsucon room request...

I apologize for the repeat posting for those who might see this on my personal Live Journal as well as this community, but I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, so...

I was wondering if anyone wants/needs an extra person in a room at Katsucon, because I could definitely use some crash space. For anyone considering the addition of another person into his/her room, I can assure you that all of the following describe me:

-- I am willing to pay my fair share of the room. ^_^
-- I am willing to contribute to the alcohol fund or bring my own alcohol if there is a party. ^_^
-- I don't get sloppy drunk; however, I might get silly drunk. = P
-- I don't require much space because I don't cosplay. ^_^
-- I do bring my own toiletries (in a Hello Kitty Angel metal bucket, no less!) and make all practical efforts to remain clean and fresh throughout the convention. ^_^

There you go! If people want to help me find a room and help themselves with the cost of it, reply here or shoot me an IM or e-mail. ^_^
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