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I have joined...where did everyone go? >

Liz here *waves* who all from the Genki Gang is going to Katsu? I know the 'Ze is, as well as Cristi and myself. So who else? ^^
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I got talked into going by some of the folks at Nekocon. Should be fun. Haven't been to a Katsucon in ages.
Cool, I've never been to Katsucon, but Cristi said it's a great time ^^
I've only been to Otakon thus far.
I'm gonna try my damndest to be there...

*determined sun-flare off my glasses*
I hope you can make it! I'd love to meet you. The more Genkis together, the more fun I say.
I'm going. =)
Even though I despise the suckfulness that is Katsucon, it's so close that I've got to go to see so many friends. = /

Katsucon is the AWA of the D.C.-Baltimore area. = P
I'll prolly be there.